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ARUN BIDET - the way to increased well-being

The ARUN BIDET offers you the possibility of enjoying the luxury of increased hygiene and well-being.
- without facing large economical investments and difficult and expensive installations.

The ARUN BIDET can be installed on your existing toilet.
- and after a quick and easy installation, you are ready for a different and pleasant  sanitary exprience.

The installation is done directly with the toilet seat, and is connected to your excisting water supply installation.
There is possibility of hot and cold water installation.
No electricity required.

The bidet comes with 3 different nozzles - standard, intimate for women, and a nozzle cleaning function.

It is a functional, secure and user-friendly solution with affordable costs.

But why consider a bidet? - the reasons are numerous:
- Wet cleaning is hygienic and pleasant - and gives you a feeling of well-being
- The reduced use of toilet paper is good for your economy and for the environment.
- The risk of small lacerations, allergic reactions and haemorroids are minimized, as water is a soft and allergi-friendly cleaning method.

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